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By Ed McKeever, ACCA student and Team GB Olympic hopeful

It’s been a couple of months since my last blog so I’ll start with the important stuff. Last weekend at the National Canoeing Championships in Nottingham I won the K1 (kayak single) 200m race by a second (quite a long way when 200m only takes 35 seconds), taking 0.7 seconds off my own course record and more importantly sealing my nomination for Team GB at the Olympic Games at  the first opportunity. This shows me that the base I built up over the winter on training camps, training 6 days a week 3-4 times a day in South Africa and Seville has put me in good stead.

There are three weeks until the first World Cup race in Poznan, Poland, followed one week later by the second World Cup race of the series in Duisburg, Germany. These events are obviously one of the secondary goals of the year but it would be nice to defend the title I won last season as World Cup series Champion and test myself against the opposition I will be racing against at the Olympics. Between now and the races there is just enough time to sharpen up a little bit, and despite me doing a good time at Nottingham at the weekend there is still plenty more to find.

From the World Cups there are four weeks until the European Championships and from then seven weeks until the Olympic final on Saturday 11 August, enough time to fit in a good block of training in order to peak at the Olympic Games.

I’m often asked in media interviews at the moment what my plans are after the Olympic Games, and in truth it is very difficult for me to look past 11 August at the moment. In the short term I’m engaged to be married and have set the date for 22 September, I’m also likely to look for some accountancy work to help me with the exams I will be sitting in December, and I have to work out which exams I will sit. At the moment I’m considering P2 – Corporate reporting, and P3 – Business Analysis, but have a while to finalise my decision. Long term I am really enjoying my canoeing at the moment and at the age of 28 it isn’t unrealistic for me to have another 4 year Olympic cycle in me so I guess I’ll have to wait and see how I feel after the Games are done.


Nearly there

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By Ed McKeever, ACCA student and potential London 2012 competitor

So where to start in summarising the previous six months?

I can’t be too disappointed with my 2011 racing season: I won two World Cup races, a Bronze at the European Championships, Silver medal at the World Championships, crucially Olympic qualification (for GB not me personally), and then finished it off with a Gold at the Pre-Olympic test event at Dorney Lake, where the canoeing will be at the Olympic Games this year.

After the end of season I sat down with my coach Alexander Nikonorov and assessed where we could make the necessary gains. Without giving too many details away, we have come up with a plan for the next to give me every opportunity to be stood on top of the podium next August.

Firstly, I did a cross country ski training camp in December; although not directly linked with canoeing it is a great way to build a solid fitness base ready for the huge volume of work that will be done next year. Unfortunately this means I will be unable to sit any ACCA exams this year, but it wasn’t that difficult a decision to make given the potential prize on offer at the end of it.

Next, I will be going away for three intensive warm weather training camps in Port Edward, South Africa and Sevilla, Spain from January until the beginning of April (it all sounds great and exotic, but these are far from holidays as we train four times a day).

Then in April there is the domestic regatta in Nottingham where I can confirm my selection for the Olympic Games, two World Cup races in May, a European Championships in June and then, if everything else goes well, the Olympic Games. The K1 (kayak single) 200m race heats and semi-finals will be on 9 August and the final will be on the Saturday 10 August.

500 days to go

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By Ed McKeever, ACCA Student

Following on from the World Canoeing Championships at the end of last season it was a bit surreal to come back into regular life, but I had to adjust pretty quickly and decide which ACCA exam I was going to sit next. I decided to enter the P1- Professional Accountant exam, as most of you are aware this exam largely comprises of ethics, risk and Corporate Governance, I had to do a bit of studying so I enrolled on a course in Reading and I sat the ACCA professional ethics module which in itself helped develop a greater understanding of the underlying principles. The exam itself was a little bit of a shock to the system (I normally race for just under 35seconds) as I wasn’t quite ready for a 3hr exam in terms of fatigue when writing. I managed to answer all the questions and got enough marks to pass (albeit on very modest terms). The weekend after the exam I was invited to attend BBC Sports Personality of the year, a fantastic event and one I have loved watching growing up as it encompasses a video review of most sporting events (There wasn’t any flatwater kayaking on there, not that I’ve got a biased view).

Following on from the exams and into the New Year, it was time to start going on training camps. First came St Moritz cross country ski camp. This sounds great in principle but the skiing is such hard work we were going out for two and a half hour skis and covering well over 30km each session by the end of the camp, but I had a great time and it was nice to take a break from paddling, especially because of the snow and ice we had before Christmas (On Christmas day at Dorney lake there were people ice skating around the Lake).

Then we went from the cold (as low as -22°C in St Moritz) to hot with a six weeks training camp in Australia where we stepped of the plane and it was 40°C. This was a tough camp due to being away for so long, and doing four sessions a day most days, meant that when a rest opportunity came about our training squad were too tired to move let alone visit any of the tourist attractions that area of the World is famous for. But all in all it was a fantastic opportunity to get some speed work done in warmer conditions so early on in the year meaning that we will be ready for when the racing season starts in April.

Then we had a brief week at home and off to Seville on training camp. I’m looking forward to getting my new race boat for the 2011 season and doing some testing in it to find the best set up and where any marginal gains can be made. Although all this jet setting sounds great, I can assure you that on training camps I generally get very little opportunity to see anything other than the river or lake where we are training and the walls of whichever apartment we are staying in.

There are now just under 500 days until the start of the Olympics and the event seems a lot more real now tickets are on sale (only until the 26th of April 2011 so I would order quickly). There are event timetables and I will be competing at the Lake at Dorney (Subject to qualification at this year’s World Championships but I’m quietly confident being the defending World Champion). It will be a dream come true to compete in front of a home crowd as a member of team GB and I would urge people to take the opportunity to see the greatest show on Earth whilst it is on your doorstep.