Brand new blog page

accapr —  28 August 2012 — 8 Comments

Welcome to ACCA’s new blog page on

ACCA’s new-look blog page has more eye-catching features to go with the interesting blogpost content.

Our blogs now features videos and images – take a look at our recent blogpost called ‘Accountancy as a second career’, which is about ACCA member and former Gold Medal winning student Lauren Lockwood, talking about moving into an accountancy career from retail.

If you are interested in a particular area of accountancy or issue, there are ‘Tags’ and ‘Categories’ boxes to help get you started with your search.

If a particular ACCA blogger’s posts is of interest to you, you can also search for them by their names via the ‘Popular Posts’ box.

You can also read blogposts by month from the ‘Archives’ box, or get our new blogposts directly to your email inbox by subscription.

Enjoy our new blog page and we welcome any constructive feedback you may like to give about it.


8 responses to Brand new blog page



    Can anyone suggest where can I get a disclosure checklist for FRSSE 2008 accounts or book on sample of accounts under FRSSE 2008.



    Your blog looks really easy to use with a minimal feel to it. One point for feedback however. Is it possible to have the category layout expanded by deafult rahter than a drop down box? It would be easier on the user to navigate. Otherwise the blog looks great. Well done.


      Hello thanks for your comments and feedback regarding our new blogsite. We tried expanding the ‘category’ list as you suggested, but we feel it’s too long to listed in this way, and we are always adding new categories so the list will be even longer. Thanks again for your suggestions.

    Edson Mugweni 17 April 2013 at 3:47 pm

    Thanks for the new blog site and i hope students and members are going to benefit from this as we advance and develop to become better accountancy in this world. Thank you ACCA staff for a well done blog site


    On the Directory of ACCA Members does the admission date mean the person applied to join ACCA as a student or qualified. How do you find out if someone claiming to be ACCA qualified actually is?


    Hi ACCA admin,

    Regarding to the news posted by ACCA as below, , Can I know that where are the factors (ALPHABETICAL WORDS BELOW) come from? Any statements, citations or journals? “This issue has consistently been a challenge for Malaysia’s public practice sector as well due to LONG WORKING HOURS, INCREASING AND CHANGING REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS, PERCEIVE BETTER WORKLIFE BALANCE OUTSIDE THE PRACTICE AND DEMAND FROM NEW INDUSTRIES such as shared services…”
    Your reply would be highly appreciated. Thank you

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